Meetings and conferences


Our Chalet: YWWF: group activity    Our Chalet has over 80 years of history and experience in hosting International conferences, seminars and meetings.

We welcome groups for meetings, conferences, training sessions and seminars providing variety of services that will contribute to the success of your event.

It is the very place where the first WAGGGS leadership training session now the prestigious Juliette Low Seminar was held.

We are providing organisers and participants with a variety of services to make the event a success including: meeting space, break out rooms, equipment, accommodation, meals, refreshments, coffee breaks, luggage transfers and administrative services.

Surrounded by the spectacular and peaceful scenery of Adelboden, Our Chalet creates the perfect atmosphere to combine work and recreation in an inspiring yet calm environment.


Our Chalet has different sized rooms that can cater for groups of up to 60 people, with smaller rooms available for workshops and group discussions.

  • Conference room in Spycher Chalet that can seat approx. 30 participant in tables style formation
  • A large room in Main Chalet (that can seat up to 70 participants)
  • 5 Breakout rooms with addition to 2 detached small houses on site (available from mid May until mid October)
  • Red tipi style tent that can be used as reflection or activity space or breakout area
  • Equipment available: Laptops, Projectors (regular and overhead fixed in the Conference room), Television and video/DVD player, flipcharts, sound system with microphones, wireless interet connection

If you wish to hold a seminar, meeting or a training session in Our Chalet please contact us for booking and organising the event.