Traveling to Our Chalet

Situated high up in the mountains at 1350 metres/4500 feet above sea level, on the outskirts of the beautiful Swiss Alpine village of Adelboden, Our Chalet lies in the very heart of the Bernese Oberland region. Adelboden is just one hour and half away from Switzerland’s capital, Bern.

The centre is ideally positioned close to the ski areas and the village with magnificent views of the high mountains and easy access to numerous outdoor activities and attractions .

Swiss International Airlines - plane SBB train AFA bus

There are various modes of transport you can chose among to travel to and within Switzerland. Getting around is fairly simple with Swiss public transport being among the best and most efficient in the world with its fast and reliable trains and very good bus and boat connections.

Arriving by Air and Train

  • To plan your travel within Switzerland visit the Swiss rail system website ( where you can create your itinerary, find about discounts and various travel passes and purhase your tickets as well.
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This special offer is valid for Transfer tickets (return ticket from any airport/border to Adelboden or Kandersteg) and Bernese Oberland Pass.

For more information and booking visit STC (Switzerland Travel Centre) page directly.


  • The closest international airports to Our Chalet are Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Basel-Euroairport and Milan (Italy). From main airports it will take you between 2 to 4 hours to reach Our Chalet. 


  • From any airport or border you need to catch a train to Frutigen station.
  • In Frutigen you transfer to a red AFA bus to arrive at Adelboden Oey bus stop, Our Chalet’s closest bus stop. Trains run regularly several times an hour from larger cities and airports. 
    AFA bus in Frutigen is connected to train schedule and located only a few steps from the train platforms.

    Please note there are many bus stops between Frutigen and Adelboden and Adelboden Oey one of them. You can purchase the ticket on the bus or previously on the train station counter/automat or web.


  • You can preorder the luggage pick up from Adelboden Oey bus stop to Our Chalet. This service is available within the reception working hours (08.00-18.00). Inform us at least three days in advance with the exact date and time of the bus arrival at Adelboden Oey bus stop. Cost of return transfer is CHF 5 per person.


  • In case you are arriving outside the reception working hours or outside of AFA bus running times (05.30am - 23.30pm) you can contact local taxi company - Taxi Bergman and order a pick up - their service is available 24 hours.


  • If  you wish to walk from the Adelboden Oey bus stop there is approximately 25 minutes walk up the hill, just follow the signs to Our Chalet.


  • If you are travelling with a group of 10 or more guests, especially in peak winter and summer seasons you are required to inform AFA bus company of your travel between Frutigen and Adelboden at least 24 hours in advance ([email protected])


In order to reduce the carbon footprint we encourage guests, visitors and staff to use the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, such as trains and public busses.


Arriving by car
You can find the information how to get to Our Chalet by car here.

Bon voyage and see you soon!  

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