Our Chalet Staff Team is created of Long term or career staff, Our Chalet Interns and Volunteer staff.  Get to know us here.


Tanya Tulloch - World Centre Manager, Our Chalet, Switzerland

Tanya Tulloch (USA) - World Centre Manager

Tanya comes to us from Beaverton, Oregon where she worked for Columbia River Girl Scout Council for 12 years as a Manager. As a Girl Scout growing up in Kentucky she liked to participate in adventure activities such as rapelling, hiking and camping. She has fallen in love with snow sports in her adult life in the Cascade Mountains.
The idea of reaching the mission of WAGGGS through the outdoor adventure and leadership experiences has drawn Tanya to work at Our Chalet. Her background with camp management, volunteer development and strategic planning will help her to add to the team as a World Centre Manager. She is looking forward to meeting Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and other guests from all over the world while she is here. 

Nikki Tucker

Nikki Tucker (United Kingdom) - Deputy World Centre Manager - Operations

Nikki comes from Warwick in the UK and has been involved in Girlguiding for many years. She fell in love with Our Chalet on the first visit and has since visited many times before becoming a member of the Long Term Staff team. Nikki is a big fan of the outdoors and is relishing the mountain air, the fantastic hikes and is looking forward to the snow season. In her spare time she is passionate about music and plays tenor horn as well as travelling whenever possible. She is excited to have joined the Our Chalet Adventure.

Jennamari Terava - Our Chalet, 2014

Jennamari Terävä (Finland) - Deputy World Centre Manager - Programme

Jennamari is from Heinola, Finland and became a Girl Guide practically at birth.Jen’s Our Chalet story began as a volunteer in winter 2007, and even though she has been back to Finland to finish her studies, half of her heart has stayed at the Chalet since the beginning.She is very excited to be back and determined to channel all her energy into making the programme as fun, challenging and exciting as possible. Jen is a keen hiker and an avid skier, and she spends her remaining free time singing, running, climbing, sledding, sleeping in strange places, getting stuck in trees, learning languages (especially Swiss German) and admiring all the pretty flowers – Our Chalet is definitely the right place for her!

Marianna Terava

Marianna Terävä - Mara (Finland) - Guest Services Coordinator

Mara is from Heinola, Finland and is a life-long Girl Guide. She has a degree in Hotel Management, and a background in the hotel business. Mara joined the Our Chalet staff team in November 2014, without ever having visited Adelboden or Our Chalet before. Mara loves the breathtaking views of Adelboden, and the international atmosphere at the Chalet. Her all-time favorite sport is soccer, but she is also enthusiastic about hiking, skiing, airboarding and other winter sports. She also enjoys baking, and likes to surprise the staff team with her creations.

Miguel - Our Chalet Ground and Maintenance

Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia - Migue (Spain) - Grounds and Maintenance Assistant

Hola a todos! Which means, Hello everyone in Spanish. My name is Miguel Angel but here everyone knows me as Migue which is my nickname in Spanish. I’m from Granada, in the South of Spain, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, check Google Images : ) I am passionate about cars and everything related to them. Also I really love expeditions with my friends for about 6 days by ourselves without ex­ternal support; we carry food, gas stoves, tents...lost in the mountains! I am here at Our Chalet as Grounds and Maintenance Assistant and my main job now in winter time is snow clearing with Boris (our snow plough :) recycling, safety on site and some funny but cool stuff. The other part of my job is maintenance, which basically is being a handy man, hanging pictures on the walls, changing light bulbs or even putting up some tents.


Nicole Grossen

Nicole Grossen-Wilhelm (Switzerland) - Bookkeeper

Nicole is one of our two Swiss memebers of long term staff. She studied accounting with eventually brought her to Our Chalet as a bookkeeper. Nicole as a true Swiss at heart is a life time devotee to white sports - perhaps being a Ski Instructor at Adelboden Ski & Snowboard school for several years has something to do with it. She has two young children and a very patient husband. Nicole works with us on Tuesdays but we are of course always badgering her to come more often, even only to give us beginner ski tips and have fun with us. She is also one of those efficient, hard working young women who simply knows ho to just "fix things" comes to numbers, or taking calls in Schwytzerdütsch, an exotic language which none of us can really understand. She is fun too and joins us keenly in laughing our Mondays off.

Chloe Badge

Chloe Badge (UK) - Programme Intern 

Hi, I'm Chloe from the UK. I have been involved in Guiding since I was five years old and I am now the leader of the same Rainbow Unit I went to, which is great fun ! I was a Summer Volunteer at Our Chalet last summer and had the best summer of my life - I made friends from all over the world and got to do a lot of crazy hiking. I enjoyed it so much that I was desperate to come back, so it's awesome that I can be here for the winter season to experience Our Chalet in snow. I can't wait to go skiing and snow boarding in this beautiful valley and I hope that I can help guests discover how amazing it is here in Adelboden and what a special place Our Chalet is. 

Katrina Hansen

Katrina Hansen (Faroe Islands) - Guest Services Intern

Hi, my name is Katrina and I come from the lovely Faroe Islands, which are between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. I've been a girl scout since I was 8 years old and a leader since I was 17, all at my local group in Kollafjørður. So far my scout adventures have taken me to Iceland, Sweden and Norway and now also to Our Chalet. This is my first time at Our Chalet and I'm really looking forward to my time here. In my free-time, aside from scouting, I like to read, sing, play the flute, learn languages and spend time with my boyfriend, friends and family.

 Victoria Rice MCI staff

Victoria Rice (UK) - Marketing and Communications Intern

Victoria is from the UK, near Manchester. She’s been in Guiding for as long as she can remember and is now a leader with a Guide and Ranger unit. She first held this role at the same time last year and is back for round two! For her, Our Chalet is a home away from home. This time her skiing will be a little less chaotic.

She studied both Zoology and Conservation at university and hopes to go into Marketing and Communications as it keeps her happy and lets her unleash her creative side. When not busy Guiding she enjoys being outside, performing improv, running, kayaking and helping out on camps! It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re in the great outdoors! 

Melissa 'MK' Kohlman (CA) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

MK is from Canada and calls both Ottawa, ON and Calgary, AB home. Involved in Guiding for 15+ years, she previously was a Guide Leader in Ottawa. Guiding has always been an important part of her life and it's a dream come true to volunteer at Our Chalet. 

She has both a Bachelor and Masters degree in Biology and is a bit of a Science nerd.

In her spare time she enjoys hiking, eating, being silly, dancing in attics, admiring mountains and exclaiming how pretty Switzerland is. She actively avoids touching wet wood and dealing with her current quarter life (25 years old) crisis. 

Bethany Wallis (UK) Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

Hello! My name is Bethany and I am 18 years old and from Chelmsford, Essex in the UK. I have been in Guiding since I was a Rainbow at the age of 5. I am now a Guide Leader, and a member of the Senior Section.

I am very proud to have completed my Queen’s Guide Award in January. Guiding has enabled me to meet the Queen (best day of my life!), travel and now volunteer at Our Chalet which is a dream come true. I am also an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader. Outside of my Guiding life I love to read, bake, go to Uganda and explore anywhere and everywhere! 

Louise Cross (UK) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

Hi my name is Louise. I am years old (almost 19!) I am from Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire in England. 

I have been in Guiding since I was 7. My Granny was a leader so I have been singing Guiding songs for as long as I can remember! I am currently working towards my adult leader qualification at a Brownie Pack.
When I am not doing guiding related activities I play Hockey and have represented both town and county.

I am hoping to go to university in September to study Geology as I love geology and being outdoors, I really enjoy fieldwork and the more practical side. Geology Rocks!

I enjoy travelling and visiting new places but also revisiting places I have been before. I have only ever travelled to Europe but plan on travelling further afield! 

Meghan Gadal (CA) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

Hello! My name is Meghan, but most people in guiding call Minny. I am a proud Canadian, and live right near the Great Lakes. I enjoy nature and anything to do with the outdoors, my favourite being canoeing. This love of the outdoors has led me to my current field of study, Forestry. I have a slight obsession with trees, and will talk about them whenever I get the chance.

Guiding has always been a huge part of my life, as I’ve been a member for 15 years now. It has helped me through the bad times and given me the courage to do things I didn’t think were possible. Now I hope to help give others the same experience.

Victoria 'Tori' Hynes (CA) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

Hi, my name is Victoria, but most of my guiding friends call me Tori for short. I am from Newfoundland, Canada and I have been a member of Girl Guides of Canada since the ripe age of four. Now at the age of 18 I've found myself taking some time off of my studies for some soul searching in the swiss alps.

I plan on finding a career in the Eco-tourism sector, so Our Chalet is the perfect place to begin honing my skills. Back home in Newfoundland I tend to spend most of my time surrounded by musical instruments, underwater ROVs, and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky shoreline. Although, the alps have been a delightful change of scenery. 

Soyoung Nam (KR) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

An Neyoung Ha Se Yo (hello in korean).

My name is Soyoung and I`m from Seoul, South Korea. I`m 23 years old and i have been guiding for 14 years. Last year, I was Chairman of the National Young Leader committee of Girl Scouts of Korea.

Visiting Our Chalet has long been my one of my dreams, so I put Our Chalet's photo in my room. Now my dreams have came true.

I have just graduated university and I`m taking some time off to be a volunteer at Our Chalet. My major is Leisure Sports so I love outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing and swimming, but particularly CrossFit. Living at Our Chalet is a great opportunity for me to have new outdoors experiences!

I can`t wait to meet Guides from all over the world.

Bethanie Pelloquin (UK) - Our Chalet Assistant - Spring Volunteer 2015

Hello! I'm Bethanie, I'm 18 years old, from Rugby in England, and I've just finished school.

I'm taking a year out to travel and do something different before university in September. I've already spent time volunteering in El Salvador, Central America, and exploring France.  I've been in Guiding since I was 7 and now I'm a helper for Guides aged 10-14. I've loved every minute of it, especially our summer camps and visit to Pax Lodge, but this is my first time at Our Chalet.

I'm really excited to learn to ski, cook for loads of people and to have a cat for 3 months! In my spare time I like baking, walking, cycling, sailing and learning languages. Hope to see you soon at Our Chalet!

Chelsea Harris (CA) - Short Term Volunteer - Spring 2015

info coming soon


Skippy Storrow - Our Chalet: Mouse Catcher and Friend

Skippy is from Adelboden in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. Her Scouting experience is quite vast as she has spent much of her time at Our Chalet. She explores the grass, eats bugs and protects the grounds and guests from any possible predators like marmots and slugs. In her free time she likes to soak up rays, catch mice and chase cows.

Meow :)