What we do

Our Chalet is located in pure natural environment in prime hiking and skiing Swiss resort in the valley of Adelboden.

The location has been carefully chosen for Our Chalet to be established here in 1932 with the purpose to offer challenging and adventurous outdoor opportunities for youth. We believe that outdoors are a perfect place to develop leadership and life skills. Founder's vision remains our main focus even today.

Girl Scouts attending Summer International Event

Providing opportunities
for guests to get close to the nature, develop their fullest potential through outdoor challenge, adventure and international friendship and learn about Guiding and Scouting movement.

We strive
for each guest to have a genuine international experience, learn about the healthy life styles and leave Our Chalet with a sense of enhanced respect for the environment and overall positive attitude.

All year round we organise Programme events and activities as well as welcome individual guests, families and groups, Guides and Scouts as well as non members, females and males. We assist in creating the best programme to suit the needs and wishes of our guests.

The work of Our Chalet helps to achieve the mission and vision of WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and organisation's strategic goals through our triennial operational plan.

Our Chalet aims to engage, empower, and support young women and all youth, so that they can make a difference in their communities.

A visit to Our Chalet can help build Cross Cultural Skills while increasing your Global Competency Toolbox.  Today’s world is smaller and more complex for teens than ever before and technology can bring any area of the world to your fingertips within a few seconds.  With this increase in accessibility, the need to be globally connected is vital to people, especially teens, everywhere.

Global competency doesn’t simply mean learning about customs, food preferences or languages in countries across the globe.  It also means learning to interact productively with people of different cultures.  Global relationships can only be formed through use of cross-cultural skills, a deeper understanding of one’s own culture and careful listening with both head and heart.  Using cross-cultural skills, we share ideas, share problems, and share solutions across a global landscape. We learn that we are all interconnected; a concern in one part of the world is a concern for the entire world. Travel offers unique opportunities to interact, learn, share information and grow as a global citizen. 

Programs at the World Centers can allow young women to have real conversations about real world issues in a safe environment. Encouraging each young woman to become more self aware of her place in the world empowers her to let her voice be heard. 

Come and grow your Cross-Cultural Skills and your Global Competencies in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Your Global Competency Toolbox may include: initiative, enthusiasm, appreciation of diversity, inquisitiveness, interest in continuous learning, comfort with uncertainty, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-control, self-knowledge, positive outlook towards adversity, independence, perseverance, creativity, flexibility, courage, open-mindedness, language and communication, assertiveness and sense of humour.

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