Friends of Our Chalet

By becoming a Friend of Our Chalet you have a chance to participate in fun and exciting events, meet new people as well as directly support Our Chalet through your membership and work.

Friends of the 4 World Centres UK 2011  

The Friends of Our Chalet (FOOC) is a worldwide group that actively promote and support Our Chalet in their home country.

Friends Groups help support the WAGGGS World Centres by promoting and providing financial support/fundraising for special projects for individual Centres.

Funds raised by Friends also assists in sponsoring Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to be a World Centre Volunteer or participate in WAGGGS International Event or Seminar (who would otherwise be unable to travel to and stay at Our Chalet).

We welcome Friends to come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Our Chalet. Each year we hold a special event tailored to the interests of our Friends of Our Chalet. 

Find our more about Friends of Our Chalet 80th Birthtday Event.

For more information and contact details of the chair person/secretary in your home country, please contact the

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