#HSS2015 Day 4 - Helen Storrow Seminar 2015 - Me, the achiever

19 April 2015

Day 4

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello, مرحبا, здрастуйте, 您好, nnọọ!

Wednesday's theme was 'Me, the Achiever'.

Since it was Earth Day, we started our day with a warm-up/game that made us travel around the world with each participant mentioning the name of a 'place' (city, country or ocean).

We were divided into two groups depending on our patrols. Our group 'TOMANAZOKAT' first had a very interesting session about GLOW (Global Learning Online for WAGGGS) that showed us how to use the website as well as all the special features available. GLOW is an amazing plateform that provides everyone around the world – not only girlguides and girlscouts, but also anyone interested – with training material about different subjects (free being me, i-lead, world thinking day...).

After the session, we went for a hike to the Adventure Park where we had to challenge ourselves. The hike was really fun and the view was amazing. There was ice on the floor which made it a bit slippery but we survived! When we arrived to the Adventure Park, the first group had already finished with their activities and were extremely enthousiastic, which made us so psyched!

Many activities were available: zip lines, high ropes course, alp sailing and pendulum swing! It started with the zip lines which kept getting scarier and higher, above the river and the last one above the bridge. Afterwards, the high ropes were really amazing as we had to cross the river on a wooden unsteady bridge and then just on a wire! Most of us overcame their fear and we were able to alp sail down the bridge and then jump off of it! The jumping part was the most scary thing ever but was really incredible and we were all feeling so proud of ourselves. Anyone passing next to the mountains could hear our screams, laughters and cheering! We really challenged ourselves and it was great :)

When we got back to Our Chalet, it was dinner time and movie night! We watched Rio 2 while eating popcorn and chocolate. It was a great way to end such an overwhelming day! :)


Bye,الى اللقاء 

до побачення,



By the Tomanozokat patrol

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