#HSS2015 Day 3 - Helen Storrow Seminar 2015 - Me, the influencer

19 April 2015

Day 3

Tuesday 21st April

The day started with a delicious hearty breakfast and warming up followed by patrol time.


At 9.30 am the first session on Environment and the Local Community started with a scavanger hunt. With a map, we were tasked to complete a mini quest. Through the completion of the quest, we learned about the ecology of Switzerland – about Energy, Public Transport, Green Efforts at Our Chalet, Sustainable Development, Melting Glaciers and Water Quality. We also answered questions and reflected on the environment as well as learnt about the ecology of other countries whose representatives were in patrols. With the completion of the Scavenger Hunt, we got our access to the Environmental Cafe.


The day continued on with the environmental gallery where all participants displayed their posters or videos about a community environmental project. Firstly, the process of the preparing the poster or video was discussed. After, we were divided into groups and we made a one-minute pitch each about our project. Then, each participant voted for the best project to form an environmental panel. The projects selected are those of Lebanon (Maria), Hong Kong (Zoe and Eunice), India (Harini), Malaysia (Lyn and Huey Yi). 


The chosen project were apart of the panel while others who are not in the panel was the audience. The panelists took turn to present a more detailed explanation alongside with sharings from Tanya and Victoria. The audience then wrote down their questions to ask at the end. After all the presentations, selected questions were asked and answered by the panelists.


A session of role playing where each of us were divided into 3 groups and given specific roles to discuss the boost and bane of building a chemical factory in a fictional town. From an irritating reporter and a politically correct Mayor to an angered local fisherman, everyone was immensed in their characters bringing the role play to live. Fun aside, the role playing was much of an insight into the functions of our society and a reflection on the role playing activity summed up that often some opinions were neglected in the process of decision making by the authority.

The session continued with Tirian presenting about WAGGGS and its programmes. This was followed by a brainstorming session by each region on the action plan of each participant.


A short walk up from Our Chalet brought us a glowing amber of fire. Settling in around the fire, the campfire started off by singing the traditional Campfire Burning followed by several actions songs. Then, it was time for all of us to share some songs. The night ended with the sweet serenade of Night Taps.

By the Grey Wolves patrol

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