#HSS2015 Day 0 - Helen Storrow Seminar 2015 - Arrival Day

19 April 2015

Arrival Day!

Saturday 18 April

So much excitement as the participants start arriving for the 10th Helen Storrow Seminar at Our Chalet. Missed and delayed flights, repairs to the normally flawless Swiss rail system and rain cannot keep these young women away. They are excited to connect, extend, challenge and act around the topics of Leadership and the Environment.

As everyone gathered we wanted to have a little bit of activity and getting to know each other, but there was also the jetlag to combat. We started the evening with a tour of Our Chalet where everyone got to learn the history of the centre and especially about Helen Storrow, the Founder of Our Chalet, as well as the namesake of this event. There are so many cool antiques from the opening of the centre in 1932 as well as many treasures who have found a place at Our Chalet since then.

The evening wrapped up with icebreaker games led by the wonderful Our Chalet Spring Volunteers, MK and Louise. We learned so much about each other including, who likes spicy food, who prefers cold weather, and who is willing to do very silly looking things in front of the group. We wrapped up early so that everyone could get a good night’s rest. Many had been awake for more than 24 hours due to long journey’s from all over the world.

This event has Girl Guides and Girl Scouts learning together from Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Madagascar, Ukraine, USA, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Lebanon, India, Netherlands, Jordan, and the UK! An international Experience none of us will forget.

HSS2015 Planning Team

  • Linda Broer (Chair, Netherlands, Europe Region)
  • Tirian Eynon (WLDP facilitator,  WAGGGS Staff, Canada, WH Region)
  • Katheri Ann Charcos (WLDP Facilitator, Philippines, Asia Pacific Region)
  • Sarah Hammoud (Lebanon, Arab Region)
  • Amani Alsaif (Oman, Arab Region)
  • Tanya Tulloch (USA, World Centre Manager Our Chalet)

Helen Storrow Seminar 2015 Contents:

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Day 5 Me, the team worker (water) (24/04)

Day 6 Me, the advocate (wind) (25/04)

Day 7 Me, leading others (plant) (26/04)