Helen Storrow Seminar 2015: 'Young Women Leading for a Greener Future'

19 April 2015

Our Chalet – Truly International

From 18-26 April 2015, Our Chalet in Switzerland has become a home for 23 participants and  7 planning team members - from over 20 countries around the world including all five regions of WAGGGS!

  Helen Storrow Seminar participants 2015            

They have come to Our Chalet to join the 10th Helen Storrow Seminar. 

This year theme is "Young Women Leading for a Greener Future"

Programme of the seminar
 will be delivered within the WLDP (WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme) framework and method.

Read Daily updates

Day 0 Arrival day (19/04)

Day 1 Me, myself, my environment (air)  (20/04)

Day 2 Me, the leader (sun)  (21/04)

Day 3 Me, the influencer (fire)  (22/04)

Day 4 Me, the achiever (earth)  (23/04)

Day 5 Me, the team worker (water)  (24/04)

Day 6 Me, the advocate (wind)  (25/04)

Day 7 Me, leading others (plant) (26/04)

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We are expecting a great event and life-changing experience for everyone. 
Throughout the seven days, participants will have the opportunity to learn about themselves, leadership and the most challenging environmental issues.

This event will provide them with an opportunity to share their experiences and cultures, discover new paths, strengths and ways of working together toward achieving their goals. 

Would you like to be a participant in the 11th Helen Storrow Seminar next year? We will announce application opening dates soon.