Activities by Season

Hiking - Skiing - Fun - Friendship!

Your first step should be to choose which season you wish to come to Our Chalet. Your next step is to pick activities you wish to do to while at Our Chalet.

Please contact us in case you have questions regarding any of the seasons and are unable to find sutable information in our seasonal Information Packs. 

Our Chalet offers programme throughour the year. Our Programmes are based on four seasons:

Winter - December , January - February

In Winter Our Chalet is transformed into a winter resort with many activities on offer through Our Chalet and local suppliers. With more that 180 km of groomed ski pistes is a perfect place for skiers beginners as well as all other levels and types of snow related activities. We welcome families, small groups as well as individual guests of all ages. We also run several International Events for different age groups and special celebration days.

Spring - March, April, May

Early months of Spring are still very popular for groups and families who enjoy skiing and snow related activities. It is a time when we host WAGGGS International Seminars. Later Spring is suitable for hiking as snow starts melting higher up on the Alps. This season is also very popular with guests who come for extended weekends to enjoy a few outdoor activities as well as visit nearby towns such as Thun, Interlaken, Bern.

Summer - June, July, August

During Summer we run Summer Youth Events (Swiss Challenges) - week long programmes for youngers guests as well as Minibreaks for Adult guests in between the events. This season is perfect for all types of High adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and many more as well as visiting towns and simply enjoy many outdoor opportunities this season offers. Our Chalet High Adventure experience lives its fullest meaning during season.

Autumn - September, October, November

In Autumn Our Chalet hosts International events for adults as well as small groups, individual guests, training courses. This season is usually more popular with adult guests. It is a season perfect for hiking, camping and high adventure activities.

Please indicate requested programme activities with your booking. In order to be able to plan activities for your best Our Chalet experiece for you and your group please note that you are required to book activities at least four weeks prior to your arrival.